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•Competitive salary, work meals provided, rental subsidize, home visit subsidize

•Yearly health checkup, annual paid leave, core talent incentive, paid training opportunities, clear career path

Company Values:eople, innovation, trust, share

To build a lean, professional and efficient work force.

Employees are the most valuable resources of the company. Rianlon focus on the development of the employees and provide a suitable working platform and conducive working environment.

We seek people who are both morally and professionally incline.


Employee Development

Rianlon focus on the development of the employees, we help in the planning of the employee’s career progression by monitoring their performance and their expectations. Through our extensive training efforts, we help our employees to upgrade themselves and develop together with the company.

Health and Safety

Rianlon places the health and safety of our employees at the top of our attention. New employees are required to attend EHS trainings and we have company wide safety drills, first aid and survival trainings to help prevent work accidents. Employee health checkup are also provided to monitor employees’ health conditions.

HR Contact

20F, Tower F, 20 Kaihua Road, Huayuan Industrial Park, Tianjin 300384 China