Rianlon is a major solution provider of anti-aging additives and application technologies for polymer materials. Our product portfolio includes antioxidants (RIANOX), light stabilizers (RIASORB) and U-pack which is customized blending formulation to provide one-stop anti-aging solution. Rianlon is a government certified “National High-tech Enterprise”. Rianlon is also the first publicly listed company in the Chinese anti-aging additives industry, stock symbol: 300596. Rianlon commits itself to the mission of creating value for customers and stays focused on anti-aging technologies for polymer materials. We are strengthening technology innovation and global network so as to make contribution to the advancement of technology for global polymer materials.
With access to more capital, Rianlon will expand our global production footprint, strengthen the development of new products and application technologies, and continuously search for strategic acquisitions that can bring more values to our customers. Rianlon aims to be the preferred supplier of anti-aging additives and application technologies for polymeric material industries globally.
Rianlon has six production facilities. Rianlon has a very complete product portfolio with sufficient capacity of anti-aging additives for Polymers, including GAO, SAO, UVA, HALS and U-pack® and will continue to expand capacities worldwide in line with our market development and demands of customers.
Rianlon’s headquarter is located in Tianjin, with four subsidiaries in Germany (Dusseldorf), USA (New York), Hong Kong and Japan. In China, we have sales offices in the south (Guangzhou), east (Suzhou) and north (Tianjin). Our distributors in Japan, Korea, Germany, Spain, UK, Turkey, South Asia, Latin America and USA are available to help service our regional customers.
Rianlon currently have local warehouses in Antwerp, Ohio, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Kunshan etc. to support our 72hours global logistics initiative. We will continue to expand and optimize our global service network to provide more efficient and localized services.

Global Customer

Through more than 20 years of accumulation and development, Rianlon has acquire a large customer base, in which many are world leaders in their perspective fields.

Global Regulatory Compliance


Research and Development

Rianlon’s research institute consist of the process engineering laboratory and the applications technology laboratory. The institute integrates the results from fundamental chemistry, polymer additives production, new product development, and application technology. At the same time, we follow a strict set of QC procedure according to the ISO 9001 quality management system and a series of internal control parameters to deliver world class quality standards. SQC is used to analyze each batch of products, to ensure the stability of the quality.
Research and Development


  • Beginning

    1994 —— started the R&D and production of anti-aging additives

  • Production Footprint

    2003 ——Established Tianjin Binhai site

    2011 ——Established Ningxia Zhongwei site

    2017 ——Acquired Kerun New Material Co., Ltd. in Zhejiang and expanded its production capacity

    2018 ——Invested on Guangdong Zhuhai site project; Started the acquisition of Hengshui Kaiya Chemical Co., Ltd. in Hebei to complement Rianlon’s HALS capacity.

    Rianlon plans to gradually achieve the production of every product at different sites to ensure reliability of the supply to customers.

  • Technical innovation

    2003 —— established company R&D center

    2011 —— established application technology center, begin sales of U-pack products

    2017 —— established postdoctoral work station in Tianjin and academician work station in Changshan

    2018 —— The newly completed Research Institute Building was put into operation, significantly improving basic conditions for company’s technology innovation

  • Global Network

    2005 —— began our own global sales and marketing

    2008 —— established Europe subsidiary

    2012 —— established U.S. and HongKong subsidiaries

    2018 —— Founded Japanese subsidiary Rianlon delivers the promise of serving major customers around the world within 72 hours by continuous improvement of our global sales network and logistic network.

  • New Era

    2017 —— successfully listed on Shenzhen stock exchange on 19th Jan, provided more capability to accelerate our global strategy for polymer anti-aging industry.