CAS No.: [153519-44-9]; [107-98-2]

1, 3- Benzenediol, 4- [4, 6-bis (2, 4- dimethylphenyl)-1, 3, 5- triazin- 2-yl]-, reaction products with [(dodecyloxy) methyl]oxirane and oxirane mono [(C10-16-alkyloxy)methyl] derivatives;
2-Propanol, 1-methoxy


Efficient liquid o - hydroxyphenyl triazine ultraviolet absorber


its containing hydroxyl groups and reduce the migration in the coating; Good compatibility with paint; The structure itself has good thermal stability and light stability. It has weak interaction with metal residue in paint. It is usually used in combination with hindered amine light stabilizers to improve the performance of coatings against loss of light, pulverization, bubbles, lamination and discoloration. Its liquid form is easy to mix with solvent-based coatings and water-based coatings systems. 

Molecular weight


Flash point℃

43℃(closed cup)

Product form

Light yellow to yellow liquid




need to be exposed to high temperature or under extreme conditions of use of coating, such as automotive coatings, industrial coatings.

1.0 3.0%, test to determine the specific amount according to the customer application

Solubility @20 ℃ ( g/100g solvent )
Acetone Xylene Methyl n-pentanone 100 # solvent oil Ethanol Propanediol methyl ether acetate Butyl acetate Diethylene glycol butyl ether n-hexane Water
>50 >50 >50 >50 >50 >50 >50 >50 >50 0
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