CAS No.: [137658-79-8]

2- [4, 6- bis (2, 4- dimethylphenyl)- 1, 3, 5 - triazin- 2- yl]- 5- [3- [(2- ethylhexyl) oxy] - 2- hydroxypropoxyl]- phenol


A light stabilizer belonging to the triazine class of UVAs.


RIASORB® UV-405 is a solid triazine-based UV absorber for coatings. It is designed to meet the high performance and durability requirements of acrylic powder coatings for transportation and industrial applications. RIASORB® UV-405 is recommended for applications such as: High performance automotive OEM powder coatings, high performance industrial powder coatings, high performance liquid coatings. For outdoor applications, RIASORB® UV-405 needs to be combined with a hindered amine light stabilizer.  

Molecular weight


Product form

Light yellow powder


20kg PE bag


Automotive coatings, industrial coatings

1.0-3.0%, test to determine the specific amount according to the customer application

Solubility @20 ℃ ( g/100g solvent )
Acetone Xylene MAK Solvesso 100 Ethanol PMA Butyl acetate DGBE N-hexane Water
31 45 33 31 <0.5 11 32 15 <0.5 <0.01
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