CAS No.: [208343-47-9]

A light stabilizer belonging to the triazine class of UVAs.


Triazine ultraviolet absorber


RIASORB® UV-460 is a solid triazine UV absorber. Due to its extremely high absorption, it provides outstanding protection to light-sensitive substrates and materials, especially in ultrathin to thin films. RIASORB® UV-460 is recommended for use in optical materials such as photographic papers, optical films. It can be also used in high performance packaging coatings, industrial coatings, wood stains or do-it-yourself paints, and vehicle coatings. In combination with other UV absorbers, RIASORB® UV-460 can match desired absorption characteristics. RIASORB® UV-460 can also be used together with HALS to achieve superior durability.

Molecular weight


Melting point℃


Product form

Yellow powder


Photographic paper, optical films, packaging coatings, industrial coatings, wood coatings, automotive coatings

Solubility @20 ℃ ( g/100g solvent )
Butanol Acetone MAK Ethanol Butyl acetate N-hexane Xylene Solvesso 100 PMA DGBE Water
Not soluble <0.01 5 <0.1 2 <0.1 27 18 <0.1 <0.1 <0.01
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