• Antioxidants (GAO, SAO)
    Rianlon RIANOX antioxidant line is usedto improve the stability of polymer performance and maintain color appearance.
  • Light Stabilizers (UV-Absorbers, HALS)
    It is known that ultraviolet radiation, fromsunlight and other light sources, leads to the surface discoloration, loss ofshine, cracking and even chalking of polymer products.
  • U-pack series (tailored solutions)
    As plasticsapplications increasingly demand more sophisticated andenvironmentally-friendly polymer additives systems, Rianlon has set up the Tianjin Polymer Additives R&D Center.
Rianlon Corporation specializes in the service of providing polymer additives and the related complete solutions for the global polymer materials industry. Our products cover antioxidants and light stabilizers.
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