News 2022-12-20

2022 Top 500 Petroleum and Chemical Enterprises in China released: Rianlon on the list for the fourth consecutive year

The " 2022 Top 500 Petroleum and Chemical Enterprises in Sales Revenue Press Conference and Summit Forum on Accelerating the Construction of World-Class Enterprises" was held online in Beijing on November 30.


Rianlon was ranked No. 317 on the list of Top 500 Petroleum and Chemical Companies (Comprehensive Category) for the fourth consecutive year. At the same time, Rianlon ranked 37th in the list of Top 100 Specialty Chemical Companies and 199th in the list of Top 500 China Petroleum and Chemical Companies Market Value in terms of sales and revenue in 2022.



In the past year,  Rianlon has continued to grow the business segments of anti-aging business division. Our new Zhuhai site is becoming one of the world’s largest antioxidants plants, and our Hengshui and Chifeng sites - two vertically integrated HALS plants continue to expand. The scope and capacity of our antioxidants and HALS product lines are now ranked among the top in the world.


Our vision is to build a long term global brand. By continually broadening our overseas development footprint, we have established subsidiaries in Germany, the USA, Japan, and Hong Kong. Through a global network of warehouses and distribution partners, we are committed to meeting the immediate technical and logistical needs of our customers worldwide.


Our comprehensive strength in the field of anti-aging is not only reflected in our ranking as one of the top 500 in the petrochemical industry but also recognized by our customers worldwide, being able to supply products to 36 of the top 50 global chemical companies. We’ll give back to our customers and the industry with better quality, efficient and sustainable anti-aging products and technical solutions.