News 2023-04-26

Goodbye and See You Again! CHINAPLAS Successfully Concluded in Shenzhen, Rianlon Embarks on a New Journey!

On April 20, the 4-day CHINAPLAS 2023 was successfully concluded at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center in China. This edition of CHINAPLAS had 18 exhibition halls, with a record-breaking exhibition area of 380,000 square meters. It attracted over 3,900 exhibitors from home and abroad, and more than 248,000 visitors, including 11.45% overseas visitors.

This year, Rianlon's impressive and eye-catching booth continued to draw a large crowd, and their well-trained team won unanimous praise from the audience with their professional anti-aging experience and customer-centric high-quality service.



Good Products - Complete Production Lines, One-stop Solution


As a global leader in anti-aging products and technology for high-performance polymers, Rianlon brought a complete range of anti-aging products to the CHINAPLAS international rubber and plastics exhibition, covering antioxidants, light stabilizers, and the U-pack® series of anti-aging solutions. Rianlon's intermediate products, such as leading-edge hindered amine light stabilizers, nylon multifunctional stabilizers, and polyamide monomer raw materials (sebacediamine), also received widespread attention.


During this period, Rianlon Group has concentrated on expanding the production capacity of HALS products. With the commissioning of the Chifeng base and the further expansion of the Hengshui base, our production capacity of HALS products and intermediates has made a qualitative leap. The production and sales volume of HALS products such as RIASORB® UV-944, RIASORB® UV-770, and RIASORB® UV-119 continues to expand. Therefore, we are also able to better serve customers in industries such as fibers and agricultural films.


It is also worth mentioning that we have become one of the world's largest producers of Riasorb UV-3853 products. Based on this, we have developed many related formulations such as U-pack® UV-7303, U-pack® UV-7308, etc. These products are widely accepted and applied in fields such as automotive and home appliance modification materials.


"Rianlon is not only one of the few leading companies in China with both antioxidant and light stabilizer product lines, but it is also one of the few leading companies globally with a complete range of anti-aging products," said Mr. Luo Hai, Director of Rianlon's U-pack® Division. "Rianlon has become a stable partner for many leading chemical and rubber customers, based on its complete product line that provides one-stop solutions for customers. With six production bases in China, Rianlon can provide customers with stable supply and quality. This is an essential comprehensive strength for a trusted supplier."


During the exhibition, our products also attracted many foreign customers. One foreign customer highly praised Rianlon's products, saying, "Not all manufacturers can make liquid products so clear and pure. Coming to this exhibition, I felt the power of this Chinese company, Rianlon."



Good Reports - Following Hot Topics, Solving Needs


Prior to the exhibition, Rianlon actively prepared a series of special reports based on the current market demand for materials and anti-aging technology. Rianlon focused on three main themes: PCR recycled materials, new materials for automotive and household appliances, and weather-resistant transparent plastics, providing report sharing for conference guests and winning unanimous praise. As an industry benchmark enterprise, Rianlon has always insisted on technological innovation in the anti-aging industry, continuously creating value for customers, and continuously responding to the call for low-carbon emissions, actively contributing to China's sustainable development.



Good Service - Hospitality and Win-win Cooperation


Considering the long-distance travel of new and old friends to the exhibition, Rianlon specially prepared rich wine and gifts to warmly welcome them. As always, the booth was crowded with domestic and foreign guests every day, with no empty seats. Rianlon's customer-centric service does not stop here. The continuously upgraded customer service team and supply chain management strength are both sincere efforts to cooperate with customers and achieve excellence.