News 2024-03-08

Embracing Sustainability: Rianlon Attends 2024 SPE International Polyolefin Conference and Delivers Remarkable Presentation

From February 18th to 21st, 2024, in Galveston, Texas, Rianlon attended the 2024 SPE International Polyolefin Conference. During the event, our Technical Application Engineer,Mr. Yiran Wang, delivered a compelling presentation titled "Improving Sustainability of PO with the Help of Stabilizers," marking another breakthrough for Rianlon in its journey towards sustainable development.


With the rising global environmental consciousness and the deepening of sustainable development principles, the plastics industry is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Yiran's presentation focused on the backdrop of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" and discussed the recycling of materials. Experiments have shown that efficient protection of polypropylene materials at the initial production stage can reduce irreversible oxidation degradation before recycling, ensuring their recyclability. Building upon this finding, Rianlon has developed different additive packages for various recycled materials to optimize overall additive costs, enhancing the performance of recycled materials throughout their lifecycle.


Additionally, we issued a call to action to the entire industry during the conference, urging upstream and downstream enterprises to collaborate in addressing the technical and commercial challenges of recycled materials, truly achieving "extending material life and saving resources for humanity." The content of the presentation sparked interest among several polyolefin industry leaders, leading to in-depth discussions during the Q&A session and post-conference exchanges with our engineers. The conference hosts also invited Rianlon to continue sharing insights on related topics at next year's event.


Rianlon is confident in continually providing customers with more efficient, safer, environmentally friendly, and sustainable solutions, contributing to the sustainable development of the plastics industry, upholding the commitment to "Chemistry and Biology, Creating a Bright Life," and supporting the green development of materials.



About Rianlon:


Rianlon is a globally leading chemical bio-platform company, strategically advancing in three core businesses: Polymer Materials Anti-Aging, Lubricant Additives, and Life Sciences. Our journey entails the simultaneous progression of these three vital areas, driving sustained high-quality development for the company.


In the field of Polymer Materials Anti-Aging, Rianlon stands as a pioneer in providing polymer materials anti-aging additives and technologies worldwide. As the first publicly listed company in the Chinese anti-aging additives industry (Stock Code: 300596), we leverage six major production bases to cover a comprehensive range of polymer materials anti-aging additive products, including Antioxidants (RIANOX®), light stabilizers (RIASORB®), and customized blend solutions (U-pack®). With extensive experience in polymer materials' resistance to thermal oxidative aging and weathering applications, Rianlon is committed to enhancing customer product quality, reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and facilitating new product development through holistic solutions. Additionally, we offer customized services to meet specific customer requirements.


For more information about Rianlon and our innovative solutions for sustainable polyolefins, please stay tuned to Rianlon.