News 2024-05-05

Rianlon at Chinaplas: Pioneering Anti-Aging Solutions for a Sustainable Tomorrow

From April 23rd to 26th, Rianlon delivered an outstanding performance at Chinaplas 2024, presenting cutting-edge solutions for anti-aging and sustainable development in polymer materials. With captivating booth designs, expert presentations, and engaging interactive activities, Rianlon garnered significant attention and acclaim from attendees.


Kevin Li, General Manager of Rianlon Marketing Center, expressed, "Rianlon has long been dedicated to sustainable development. We are delighted to leverage Chinaplas as a platform to showcase our innovative anti-aging solutions and demonstrate our relentless commitment to green innovation. Rianlon will steadfastly uphold the principles of green, innovation, and sustainable development, infusing greater vigor and momentum into the industry's progress."


At the exhibition, Rianlon meticulously curated "Two Innovative Application Islands," offering visitors a novel experience of anti-aging applications through ingenious exhibit displays. Across automotive and transportation, agriculture and construction, lifestyle and consumption, as well as recycling and low-carbon sustainability sectors, Rianlon showcased the extensive applications of anti-aging additives, emphasizing the company's mission of "Chemistry and Biology, Creating a Bright Life."


Moreover, Rianlon hosted three presentations, exploring topics such as "Improving Sustainability of PO with the Help of Stabilizers", "TPU Potential and High-Performance Development" and "Rianlon's new anti-aging technology for automotive and home appliances plastics". These presentations delved into cutting-edge industry discussions, showcasing Rianlon's leadership in technological and sustainable advancements.


Henry Luo, Director of Application Technology at Rianlon, delivered a compelling address at the "TECH TALK," elucidating the principles and innovative solutions of polymer material anti-aging to the audience. He remarked, "Amidst growing global awareness of low carbon emissions and environmental preservation, and the imperative of sustainable development, it is imperative for us to elevate the quality of our products. Recognizing the unprecedented challenges and opportunities facing the plastics industry, Rianlon continues to enhance its technical R&D capabilities, introducing new antioxidant and light stabilizer products aligned with market demands. Particularly, we are spearheading innovative anti-aging solutions to address market trends, including the evolving heat and weather resistance requirements of new energy vehicles, lithium batteries, and photovoltaics. With a diverse product portfolio, we remain steadfast in delivering safer, environmentally friendly, and sustainable solutions to our clientele, thereby contributing to the overall sustainable development of the plastics industry."


Simultaneously, Rianlon unveiled five innovative products and solutions at Chinaplas, setting new benchmarks in weathering resistance: U-pack® B7327, RIASORB® UV-119, RIASORB® UV-2020, as well as triazine UV absorbers RIASORB® UV-1164 and RIASORB® UV-1577. These products offer significant enhancements in material weatherability and stability.


As a leading global chemical and biological platform company, Rianlon remains committed to advancing polymer anti-aging developments, propelling the industry towards a greener and more sustainable future.