News 2017-05-31

CHINAPLAS2017 International Plastics Expo: Rianlon, the rising star in the business


As the annual Chinaplas draws its curtains in Guangzhou, here is a recap of what we call a hectic yet successful exhibition for Rianlon.
This was the first time Rianlon Corporation attends the renowned Chinaplas exhibition as a public company. Through the emphasis of adhering to customers’ needs in this ever changing market, Rianlon convincingly displayed her confidence and ability of an international Chinese company.
During the four-day long exhibition from 16th to 19th May, Rianlon received more than 200 customers from all over the world, among which, 30% are international customers, covering industries like plastics, rubber, synthetic fibres, coatings, adhesives and more. Other than the warm wishes our customers offered, the most talked about topics include the company’s future product line, directions, as well as sustainability, as a specialty chemical corporation, in the new strictly regulated chemical industry in China. Rianlon is determined to repay our loyal customers, investors, and friends with swift yet sustainable growth for their long term support and partnership.


The Chinese Social Sciences Institution predicted a 6.6% GDP growth for China in 2017 and the released result of Chinese GDP for Q1 is at 6.9%. This confirms that the economic growth in China is beginning to stable and will be going at a moderate speed. Under such economic environment, there will be an increase in global demand for polymers. Firstly, industries like coatings, packaging, and automotive industry, especially electric vehicles, will be picking up steam and going towards high-end applications. Secondly, many polymer manufacturing companies in China will be shifting their focus from mass production to quality production. As a world-leading supplier of polymer anti-aging additives, Rianlon strives to provide the most comprehensive product portfolio with advanced product application technologies through self-innovation, higher institution collaborations and customer partnerships.


We will uphold our believes to stay creative and proactive to provide quality services to all our customers. We hope to see you next year in Shanghai at Chinaplas 2018.